By William Markiewicz

Kudos for Scott Ritter, former Chief of the UN Weapons Inspection Team, who gives an example of lucidity and courage rarely found these days. But even his powerful voice may not be effective against the trumpets of war. The voice of reason is drowned in collective adrenaline of those who, from their comfortable positions of personal safety, will take pleasure in triumphant communiques about destroyed cities and villages. Our leaders are ready for war only against those who are doomed to be defeated, either because they are weak or not sentient. If microbes and rats were intelligent, we would negotiate with them. Today we find a pretext for war using the argument of a fight against terror because we really are not afraid of it. Terror can strike like lighting here and there. Theoretically we are all vulnerable but the probability that we may be hit remains remote. Even the Israelis cannot compare what they endure with those who are subjected to genocidal bombing attacks. The antiterror crusaders use the planet as a laboratory to verify how much bombing and poisoning it can endure before the effect becomes global and irreversible.

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