By William Markiewicz

In democracy, still the best system we could have, those who decide the fate of the nation are not the politicians, not the army, not police, but the brainless, shapeless omnipotent monster called public opinion. Whoever buys the smartest PR experts wins the war. If you want to compete with the PR experts power, don't try to be logical; you wont penetrate even a cuticle of the brainless monster. All you may achieve is to create small islets of sympathetic thinking groups who have no power to change the situation.

Those who, despite all odds, have ambition to compete with the PR experts must adopt their tactics by presenting the most simplistic hateful picture of the enemy. Remember that it's the simplest of arguments, not the most logical, that catches the collective attention: one-liners, caricatures, insults, primitive accusations... For instance, the PR experts have succeeded in presenting terror as a sort of antichrist whose only motivation is to harm the good and virtuous. In the Middle Ages it was the heretics, in all epochs the Jews, sometimes Masons, Communists. Today it's terrorists. The devil is always the same but the face and name change. The Zarathustrian concept of the eternal fight between Good and Evil is adjusted by the PR experts to suit the brainless monster's level of perception.

How to oppose the PR experts? Again, not with logic, not with intellectual proofs. Look for GIMMICKS!!! There is an old French verse that ends with the line: "Pour se faire remarquer, faudra la plume au cul." (To be noticed you need a feather in the ass.) PR experts hypnotize the brainless monster with their feathers. Be witty! Be sarcastic! Use one-liners! Those 'feathers' may pierce the rock. How to distribute the antidote? Only through the means of fortune: posters, flyers, and, for domestic use, the Internet may serve.

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