By William Markiewicz

In my opinion, Chretien's comments, found scandalous by so many, reveal only part of his concept that the present campaign against Iraq is just a continuation of Western greed. The hawks, meaning the powerholders, openly state that the next action will target Iran, Syria, and whoever is on the list. "The USA can win many simultaneous wars." All this of course in the name of the fight against terrorism. The reality, which Chretien undoubtedly knows is that if there were no oil nobody would attack Iraq or Iran for terrorism. What strange bedfellows in terrorism -- Islamic fundamentalists and whisky sipping Hussein!

Let's guess what might happen next. "They" openly admit that even if Iraq accepts UN inspectors, invasion will follow and Iran will be next. Once the USA grabs oil fields in Iraq and Iran, the Iraqis and Iranians will eat sand and other oil-producing countries will face total economic collapse. To whom would they sell their oil? The USA, main consumer, will have all the oil it may need and more at its disposal. Throw in a spell of drought, the populations deprived of livelihood will grow wild and the N W O will keep itself busy bombing the planet of terrorists. Another final solution in view ...

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