In Chechnya, As Elsewhere, Notion Of "Global Terrorism" Covers Need For Local Solutions

By William Markiewicz

The Russians don't want to lose Caucasian oil. The Chechens are too Islamist to be pro-American but traditionally they've chosen their allies among those who oppose Russia. After all, Russia conquered their land. The Russians would grant them total autonomy in exchange for some assurance concerning oil, perhaps an agreement based on the American-Saudi formula, but the Chechens never were negotiators. Like Kurds and Pashtuns, they are fighters first, even among themselves.

By the way, the Saudis are not the same Saudis anymore; they have entered into unprecedented open rebellion against the American Middle East policy. The Americans left the Saudis no choice. Their persistent pro-Likud policy combined with an anti-Iraq strut blows away any peace agreement between Israelis and Arabs. The Americans are perfectly aware of it but maintaining an imperial profile is more important for them than peace in the Middle East.

I repeat: There is no global problem of terrorism; only a few local injustices must be resolved. The Chechens have to learn how to live with their giant Russian neighbour as Israels have to learn how to live side by side with the Arab giant. The essential art is to know how to claim what's necessary without grabbing too much. The NWO for its part, must stop fishing in turbulent waters, and so 'global terrorism' will disappear with a few final convulsions.

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