By William Markiewicz

On this day of mourning, why write about something that everybody already knows? Precisely because nobody writes about it (as illustrated by "The New Emperor's Clothes" tale). If Bush hadn't adopted Likud's policy, the towers would still be standing. Now, what's the next step to fight terror? Destroy Iraq? And what's the next? There is no lack of choices. The Islamic world is immense and practically defenseless. But let's be serious about the real issue -- the fight against terrorism. Should the bull continue destroying the china until the entire shop is rubble? Let's not forget that the "shop" represents a big chunk of our planet. I propose another, more modest and less dangerous solution: Let's make the settler-commandos withdraw from Palestinian territory and we may see a miracle ("The Butterfly Effect" -- the theory that the flutter of a butterfly's wings in China could, in fact, actually affect weather patterns in New York City). Muslim fundamentalism will collapse because the masses will stop supporting it. Like everybody they aspire to peace and freedom. Why do those far away masses care what happens in tiny Palestinian territory? Again, look for the "Butterfly Effect."

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