By William Markiewicz

Nobody to arrest; they are all dead. Literally, "Dead Men Walking" but with tremendous destructive potential in their trail. Who did it and who was able to go so far? A convenient reflex may be to bomb or -- for more effect -- to nuke Baghdad, or some other rogue; easy targets to hit and a largely symbolic triumph.

If faceless anarchist kids could effectively attack the NWO in Seattle, Genoa, how long would we expect to wait until the true professionals of terror strike? We saw very successful terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, in Yemen. Those should have been taken as a warning of things to come.

The US and its Nato stroll leisurely through the world as through their own estate, deciding by their own criteria which terrorists are tolerable, tracking at will inoffensive "ants" like Serbia, more vicious "ants" like Iraq, amusing themselves in the Balkans and over Iraqi skies. They remained idle observers of what's going on in the Middle East and now, suddenly, like an invasion from outer space, the mysterious fire ants appear, deadly on a massive scale, unreachable because choosing to die.

My first conclusion is that the elephants cannot keep stomping on ants forever. Just a few days earlier, we learned in the media that Putin is ready to negotiate with the Chechen rebels. He seems to be the first to understand, much ahead of Israel, that the rebels, terrorists or not, have to be taken into account.

It's important to notice that contrary to what happened in Genoa and Seattle, where the masses counted, the bloodiest and most destructive terror depends on the quality, not the number, of those involved.. Their tremendous technical, strategic, military abilities open our eyes on what and whom we are facing . It's not enough to have 'determination to stop terror' as Sharon and Bush preach. These are not microbes to eradicate by vaccination; they are intelligent people, unreachable by pressure because nothing counts for them except their goal. You cannot kill them because they kill themselves. You cannot arbitrarily appoint the stronger as freedom fighters and the weaker as terrorists, because the "weak" may reveal himself suddenly as stronger than you ever suspected.

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