By William Markiewicz

America and Britain plan a war on terrorism - Operation Noble Eagle. Donald Rumsfeld, the American Secretary of Defence declared: "This is a very new type of conflict or battle or campaign or war or effort, for the United States. We're moving in a measured manner. As we gather information, we're preparing appropriate courses of action, and they run across the political and economic and financial, military, intelligence spectrum."

"We're expecting it to last from five to ten years" one source said.

All that rhetoric masks confusion about the next steps to take. Wounded prestige remains the only guideline, and the colossus doesn't know where to jump and strike because elephants are not jumpers or skirmishers. A colossus can only indiscriminately stomp to death. Neither the name, "Operation Noble Eagle", nor the expression 'collateral damage' fit when the only strategy considered till now is destruction of 'rogue' countries.

Terrorism is war in the form of crime but with a warrior's goal. Few want to admit that the most efficient way to fight both terrorism and crime is to eliminate their causes. Western politicians and their media divert attention from the real causes of terrorism, speaking about terrorists' "threat to our freedom" for which terrorists don't give a damn. The world powers would do a much better job fighting terrorism if they used their influence to eliminate oppression where it flourishes. It would be cheaper and more effective than hunting the elusive terrorists throughout the world.

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