By William Markiewicz

In the debate pro and contra linking Israel & Zionism to racism, nobody really plays an honest game. Everybody uses racism as a pretext to reinforce their own agenda. Those who attack Israel as racist look for any pretext to denigrate Israel, which, on its side, does everything to earn international criticism. Instead of supporting the peaceful elements in the Arab world and among its own people, Israel deliberately violates the Oslo peace agreement by letting the settlers gnaw, like termites, at the tiny Palestinian territory. As for Americans, Europeans and Canadians, they condemn the Durban resolution not only because of the Jewish lobby, and not because of their sympathy to Israel, but because they don't want to be recipients of a new Jewish diaspora if Israel collapses.

There is no hope for peace between Israel and the Palestinians as long as the settlers stay in Palestinian territory. Some may argue that the settlers are not the only issue, that the negotiations between Arafat and Barak broke down because Arafat asked too much. Yes, but not before Rabin was murdered by the anti-peace Jewish terrorist, causing the situation to deteriorate on both sides. Accepting Arafat's conditions on return of refugees and drastic revision of Israel's borders would be suicide for Israel. Arafat must be aware of this and probably used those conditions only as a bargaining point. Indeed too strong a bargaining point, and Arafat certainly made a mistake not to let Clinton go out in triumph as a peacemaker. Arafat is now under pressure from his more and more influential extremists while in Israel bellicose Likud holds power. Will Sharon succeed in exhausting the Palestinians? The Palestinians have practically the whole world's sympathy on their side, which may help them to resist for a long time.

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