By William Markiewicz

Hans Christian Andersen as well as a tale from Arab sources, perhaps "1,001 Nights," mention drinking the sea to illustrate the peak of impossibility. No matter what its volume, the constant input of rivers protects the sea's level. If the sources of the seas are impossible to seal because they are part of natural phenomena, the sources of the sea of terror are easy to seal precisely because they are anti-natural. The arrogant and powerful want to eliminate world terror by force, the equivalent of 'drinking the sea.' Yet, a much easier and more logical thing to do -- cutting the sources that feed the sea of terror -- hasn't even crossed their minds. Why should a handful of Israeli settlers, for a few miles of sand that don't belong to them, shake world politics? As for bombing Iraq, the final goal is to oust Saddam Hussein and replace him with a more compliant dictator who, like those in the Arabic peninsula, will convert his state to an oil company. So, they hope to exchange a sea of terror for a sea of oil. The disappearance of Osama Bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein will change nothing for those who see them as heroes, because the sources of terror remain stronger than ever. Terror grew out of control, precisely because of Western blindness toward the problems. I don't believe that the NWO's almost exclusive use of brute force is just stupidity; there must be a method in this madness. Nato is essentially an aggressive drive that constantly needs outbursts. In my view, Caucasus, Siberia, Manchuria, are like tasty mice under scrutiny of a vigilant cat. Terror, no matter how spectacular, is just a constant fire that feeds Nato's riposte and readiness, sort of an exercise field. From this viewpoint, if terror didn't exist it would have to be invented. They just didn't expect the New York and Washington disasters; the NWO underestimated the underlings. Because of this underestimation, the crossgame between bombings and sporadic strikes by the elusive terrorists may, as Bush said, continue "for a long time."

In the meantime, the NWO's true serious business, "Drang nach Osten," will have to wait because conditions are not yet ripe. They want it, of course, to be as painless as possible but the push button war technology isn't yet up to par. If rumours are true that Putin wants to be part of Nato, it proves he's well aware of what is cooking and he'd like to share the commensals' table before finding himself under the table. Putin may have a chance if the NWO decides to make a gesture in order to isolate China from Russia.

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