By William Markiewicz

Colin Powell declared that the war against terrorism would last forever. The New World Order for years had been mixing in local and civil wars among tiny nations, inventing non-existent big issues, phoney but accepted by "public opinion." The NWO's power can be summed up in 3 Ms: military, media, masses. We witness a full return to the Dark Ages in the presence of modern technology and surviving democracy. Who needs dictatorship if the majority agrees? The allies ask for proofs of Osama bin Laden's guilt, which Bush refuses to provide. Since the war in the Balkans, the designation of guilt without real proofs has become a habit. It doesn't really matter who is guilty as the punishment is meant more as a warning to others than legitimate punishment. Also the link between causes and effects -- the first thing to investigate in any crime -- is ignored. For the NWO punishment is more important than prevention. It's easier to eradicate crime by killing or scaring the suspect than to find and eliminate the causes that lead to crime. Unbelievable crusade-like propaganda flows through the media and almost nobody protests. The media voice their own agenda; it should be obvious, because it's transparent. As in Andersen's "The Emperor's Clothes", only a small nudge is needed to serve as a collective eye opener, but this self-evident nudge never comes. In the Dark Ages, the Truth rested on the majesty of the Throne, secular or divine. Today's Truth rests on the media. Western democracy coexists in harmony with total disregard for the lack of democracy elsewhere. History repeats itself, and it may be centuries before some bloody uprisings break down the New Dark Ages/New World Order. I use the term 'New Dark Ages' while the term 'New Roman Empire' would also be appropriate. Roman citizens lived more or less well, while oppression and misery was reserved for those abroad. The same thing happens today. If, by some astonishing miracle, the masses stopped believing the media, the brutal unmasked whip of dictatorship would quickly strike to take over the Western world. But as the satisfied masses will never wake up, we can expect to go on for a long time with our media-fed democracy in conjunction with media-fed oppression elsewhere.

All we learn from official sources is that terrorists attacked the USA to destroy American freedom and most people swallow it. 5,000 years of civilization haven't immunized our collective brain against such an outburst of collective stupidity. It's a conspiracy theory, more obscurantist than ever. Who among the inhabitants of the Third World cares about freedom or lack of freedom somewhere in the West, thousands of miles away? Why should they? They don't want to destroy our freedom but to rid themselves of our oppressions. It may seem simplistic, but religious fundamentalism, spectacular as it is, is not the main actor in the conflict. The main burning points are Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Iraq and Israel. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates -- because their feudal power treats their countries as private companies. Iraq -- because the bombing continues as an easy gratuitous reflex. Israel -- because its settlers snub the Oslo Peace Agreement. Concerning Iraq and Israel, problems could be resolved within days, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates could wait longer, their problems are not so burning. The religious fundamentalists only profit from favorable circumstances. Nationalism always held the masses longer than religious fervour; where today are the druids, crusaders, templars, etc? Religious fervor comes and goes while the drive for freedom is eternal. In order to liquidate terrorism, we have to support the freedoms abroad instead of opposing them.

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