By William Markiewicz

I see two reasons why peace is not so urgent for the Arabs as for the Israelis:

1) Time works for the Arabs because of their population numbers and also they know that they enjoy the world's sympathy. 2) Their youth, like all youth, galvanized by the fight for freedom, collect these years of danger and deprivation as future glory tales for their children and grandchildren.

That's why the Israelis should wish for peace as soon as possible rather than bargain for ideal and unobtainable conditions. The Jews learned over two thousand years how to live defenseless and exposed to scorn and hatred. It's much more comfortable to live with the neighbors' hatred while being respected for power. This kind of hatred over borders cannot last forever, and sooner or later common interests will grow and prevail over the older generations' memories. But peace has to come fast while the US remains on Israel's side, which cannot last forever. I don't remember which journalist wrote: "If the USA is dangerous as an enemy, it may be lethal as a friend." To start with, the traces of Arab defeats and humiliations must disappear. Therefore the spoils of wars -- territories precipitately seized by Israeli settlers, the Golan Heights, and the Old City of Jerusalem must return to the Arabs. Otherwise 'Sharon's poker' will continue.

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