By William Markiewicz

Homage to Trudeau

Trudeau and John Paul II, two heads of State with one thing in common: Through personal magnetism, they put in the world limelight their respective domains which had previously interested mostly those directly involved.


After losing the war to the English in the Canadian Atlantic provinces, the French held very tormented, vehement, discussions choosing who would be the most qualified to negotiate with the English. One after the other was rejected as "unqualified". It didn't take long to realise that the English were simply not interested in negotiating with any of the French, who ended up being sent to Louisiana and elsewhere. In antiquity the same thing happened to the Carthaginians who believed that the Romans would negotiate with the losers. Now the situation in Yugoslavia is quite similar. Once Kostunica is in power, all his supporters will hold their breath waiting for "the new era" of successful negotiation with the NWO. They'll have to hold their breath for a long time. The NWO is not interested in negotiations, only ready for ultimatums. Let's imagine the conditions they'll put on the table:

If you want to be "acceptable Serbs," give us all the criminals; Milosevic will be only one of them.

Renounce all claims to Kosovo. Belgrade will be held responsible for any Serb that doesn't behave in Mitrovica, etc.

Renounce Vojvodina, Sandzak and whatever else is in the alphabet.

If not, sanctions will be maintained and new bombings not excluded.

In my opinion the NWO's final goal is: rewriting Serbian history in the schoolbooks, disintegrate Serbia's "nationalism" which everywhere else in the world is called patriotism. With the kids from Otpor and other 'qualified' elements, this wont be difficult. They will put chains on their own hands and legs without even realising it.

Future young generations may conclude that being Serb is a crime. They may wonder: "What do we have that is our own? -- Orthodoxy? -- other nations have it . Language? -- Croats, Bosnian Muslims speak the same. Nationality? -- but this is a crime!!!"

In Poland, toward the end of the 18th century, the nobles formed a Confederation at Targowica to eliminate the Constitution of 3rd May which granted equality between nobles and commoners. Those magnates 'of course' acted for Poland's welfare by integrating it into the "European Community" which was autocratic in those times. One Polish noble, Rejtan, stood at the door, ripped the clothes from his chest, and lay down to impede others crossing the threshold. The events had a snowball effect culminating in foreign intervention and the end of Poland's existence for many years to come.

History repeats itself; small countries adhering to NATO prepare their own Targowica, Accepting NATO's ultimatums is one kind of Targowica..

Remedy? Probably too unpopular to be accepted by the Serbs: don't defy, don't negotiate. Practice isolationism, as much as possible for as long as it takes. NWO doesn't have cement foundations. Sooner or later it will disintegrate and then all of this tragic chapter in history will become part of Serbian glory. Serbian peasants are able to survive isolation; they've proved it in the past. Urban Serbs, lured to 'European nationality (?)' and 'bird's milk' (Polish saying about prosperity) willingly or unwillingly may lose Serbdom. While individuals can live without ideals, and live very well, a group cannot. I will never forget what one Mexican friend told me as he pointed to the villages in the distance, each with a church: "If it weren't for (those) churches, there wouldn't be villages."

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