By William Markiewicz

Light at the end of the tunnel? Europe stopped following on the American footsteps vis a vis Yugoslavia; it happened sooner than I would have expected. The events in the Middle East worked in Yugoslavia's favour. The fall of Milosevic, the dictator who wasn't one (how can a dictator lose an election?), serves as pretext for Europe to start acting on its own; the tragic figure of Milosevic takes the role of scapegoat. A charge of 'internal aggression' has been de facto invented against a leader fighting separation of those who departed without even say goodbye. This is not accepted in private life much less in politics where millions are concerned. Europe knows it and feels ashamed, America also knows it but has too much ego to admit it. Professor P. Maher (U. of Chicago) asked the question in one forum: "If Kostunica wins, will the US stop raping Serbia?" America decides arbitrarily what justice is and where it should be applied. Europe now says 'no' especially when injustice is carved in the flesh of Europe. Yugoslavia should take advantage of the split in the camp of its enemies and remain firm in refusing to give away Milosevic. The NWO uses carrot and stick, but if the wounds of the stick cicatrize, the carrot may lodge in the throat for centuries. A Hague trial would be not against Milosevic alone but against the whole Serb nation for a crime not committed.

Wars are won by those who win the masses and the masses love blunt talk. Yugoslavia's spokesman should declare to the world:

"For hundreds of years you have been changing the balance of populations in Serbian lands. You periodically start wars with us, unprovoked -- Ottomans, Austro-Hungarians, Nazis, NATO -- you destroy our country, you accuse us of imaginary crimes, and you create a bogus tribunal."

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