By William Markiewicz

For anybody at the mercy of a dominant and inflexible power, internal changes serve for nothing but to retain illusions. The promises that everything will change when Milosevic goes serve only a propaganda purpose, to divide Serbs. The war was never against Milosevic but against the too visible, "too strong," "too big" Serbia, with "too many Serbs." Other countries in the region are too tiny to be taken into political account, almost "San Marinos." The Balkans without Serbia will belong to nobody there and therefore can belong to everybody elsewhere. The war against Yugoslavia was from the beginning a war of blood and propaganda. The NWO has, in fact, introduced NL (New Linguistics) for the use of the "sheeple"; an excellent definition made by a Serb concerning the swarm which composes "world opinion." So, a leader who runs an election facing an Opposition that sides openly with the bombers ("we want to join the Western family!" "Milosevic to the Hague!"), can be called a "dictator." A state which opposed separatists who simply walked out without the preliminary negotiations normally linked to separation (national treasure, borders, minorities...) can be called "invader of neighboring countries." The NWO has instructed separatists: "Don't negotiate with those losers, you have us on your side." Accusations without evidence became "testimonies" without the necessity of evidence. Such "testimonies" led to the extermination of the Jews in Europe. Genocides? Where are the graves? The Serbs didn't have crematoria at their disposal. Mass rapes? Where are the babies? Where is the evidence of mass abortions? In Nuremberg there were testimonies and evidence; in the Hague, testimonies without evidence are sufficient. And "sheeple" remain enthusiastically cooperative with the NWO. The Opposition accuses Milosevic of wars and of defeat; he couldn't avoid them. All this was framed by the greatest power in the world. I hope that at least History will judge. I don't doubt that there are honest people among the Opposition, Kostunica is probably one, but they lead Serbia toward its loss. (Read "Are the Serbs Doomed to Extinction?" (September 95), "City Versus Country in Serbia" (April 97), ""Golem" (Serbs and Jews)" (May 98).

The only thing left for Serbia is "to bite lips until blood runs" and play the time game. Maybe the NWO will pass and Serbia will remain.

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