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(1/06) <LI>Reflections on Communication (1/01) <LI>Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (32) (1/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>Vagabond Polar Yacht, Structure of the Nucleus, Oligarchy, My America, The Enigma of Joan of Arc, The Battle that Wasn't</I></LI></UL> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> <BR> <B>Issue No. 92 </B><A HREF="march06/march06.html"><B>March-April 2006</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Paradox (4/17) <LI>Open Bouquet</LI> --<I> Today's Bombing in Tel Aviv (4/17), Leave the Imaginary Dangers to Movie Makers (4/16), Ignatieff (4/09), Russian Godfathers (4/05), IQ and Nations (4/02), Afghan Party Pooper, Convert to Christianity . . .(3/25), Operation "Swarmer" (3/16), Protectors? (3/03)</I> <LI>Iran, Iran, Iran . . . (4/13) <LI>From Self Delusion toward Self Destruction? (4/10) <LI>A "swarm" of new drawings. (3/31) Select those you'd like to enlarge. <LI>The Criminal World Won -- Milosevic is Dead (3/11) <LI>Through Many Myths, the World is Born and Through One Myth, the World May Stumble (3/10) <LI>From Weak to Pariah (3/01) <LI>Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (33) (3/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>Bush . . . (3/31), Alfred Nobel and the Real Prize  Peace . . .(3/14) The Real Power of Bullshit . . .(3/04), The Ingenious Maneuver of Julius Caesar . . .(3/01), Kosovo . . .(3/01)</I></LI></UL> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> <BR> <B>Issue No. 93 </B><A HREF="may06/may06.html"><B>May-June 2006</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet</LI> -- <I>Easy Entrance  So What? (6/28), Uniformed and Arrogant Bureaucrats (6/23), Africa Boils over With Emigrants (6/07), Antichrist Bush Has Opened the Gates of Hell in Formerly Modern Iraq (6/01),What Next, America? (5/27), The Farce of Defending Democracy (5/19)</I> <LI>Having Two Eyes We Still Use Only One (6/15) <LI>New woodcut print display (5/24) Select those you'd like to enlarge. <LI>What Triggered the Stream of Life? (5/23) <LI>China Steps into Africa (5/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>"Solution for Kosovo: Emigration of Kosovars" ... (6/04)-, Reply to "Montenegro Secedes" ... (5/25), Montenegro Secedes ... (5/23), Hope, Democracy and Freedom -- Reflections on Realpolitik and Global Power. . . (5/09)</I></LI> </UL> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> <BR> <B>Issue No. 94 </B><A HREF="july06/july06.html"><B>July-August 2006</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI><I> Impending Apocalypse (8/23), Just Astonishing (8/20), Not in the Canadian Tradition (8/19), Lebanon a victim  of whom? (8/13), Who, What and for Whom? (8/09), The Pashtun Warriors Admired by Kipling Advance toward Their Date with Death (8/05), Jerusalem and Holy Places (8/02), Israel Should Follow Russia's Example (7/25), The DaVinci Code (7/19), Toward an Enigmatic Outcome (7/16), Myth of Total Superiority (7/13), The Humbug of WMD (7/04)</I> <LI>Israel's Fight for Survival Starts Now (8/16) <LI>This1 War Must Stop! (8/11) <LI>The Power of Numbers (8/06) <LI>"Less Culture and More Conquered Enemy Banners ..." (8/05) <LI>Imposing Democracy (7/30) <LI>Cul de Sac (7/28) <LI>Towards a  Homeopathic Attitude in Assessing Situations (7/23) <LI>"When the Lie is Repeated, It Becomes the Truth" (7/07) <LI>Justice / Injustice (7/01) <LI>Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (34) (7/08) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>They hate us for our beliefs ... (8/11), Israel, Hezbollah-Serbs, Kosovo... (7/30), "Gaza is Free ..." (7/15), "First Peace, Then Negotiations" ... (7/13)</I></LI></UL> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> <BR> <B>Issue No. 95 </B><A HREF="september06/september06.html"><B>September-October 2006</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI><I> Do You Really Want Peace? (10/28), Who Are Their Role Models? (10/25), Preaching in the Desert (10/16), Theology Up to My Ears (10/15), Forgotten Shadows (10/10), Cry Wolf (10/09), I Smell a Skunk (10/07), When You Invest in Bad Business You Lose Assets and Pride(9/26), What Happened to the News? (9/14), Supremacy of War (9/04), Breach of Canadian Humanitarian Tradition (9/04), One Karma (9/01)</I> <LI>Humanity -- Two-Legged Species Standing on One Leg at a Time (10/12) <LI>Jeremiad (9/30) <LI>"Que la fete continue" (9/26) <LI>The Pope's Surprising Statement (9/18) <LI>Dark Side? Yes, But Not of Multiculturalism (9/16) <LI>Reasons for War and Peace (9/08) <LI>"Stupidity" (9/01) <LI>Primary Impressions (9/01) <LI>Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (35) (9/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>Harper-Ignatieff ... (10/20), Krajisnik ...(10/09)</I></LI></UL> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> <BR> <B>Issue No. 96 </B><A HREF="november06/november06.html"><B>November- December 2006 </B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI><I> Sunni ... Shia ... Kurd ... (12/30), Is It Reasonable to Negotiate with a Suicidal Blackmailer? Iranian Youth Tired of Their President s Priorities (12/16), Jimmy Carter's Book about Palestine (12/02), The Appeal of President Ahmadinejad to the American People (11/30), "I'm Me Plus My Circumstances" (11/28), Wrong Focus on Michael Richards Case (11/22), Iran, Syria, Iraq, Get Together for Talks (11/21), Harper Burns the Forest to Divert Attention from One Tree (11/16), Good Surprise (11/08), Condemned To Be Hanged (11/05), Tricky Bush? (11/03), Pollution Alert -- Planet in Danger (11/01), Re: "Theology" (11/01)</I> <LI>Christmas, Christmas (12/23) <LI>Iran Hosts Holocaust Conference (12/14) <LI>Recent Gaza Events (11/09) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>Explanation ...(12/11), Re: "Harper Burns the Forest ..." (11/17), "Who Killed the Electric Car?" ... (11/17), What Soldiers Do in Our Name (11/01)</I></LI></UL> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER=1 CELLPADDING=10> <TR> <TD> <P> <A HREF="/">Back to main index of Vagabond</A></P></TD> <TD> <P> <A HREF="july18/july18.html">See current issue of Vagabond</A></P></TD></TR><BR><BR> <A HREF="pastx.html">[Issues from AD 1995]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1996.html">[Issues from AD 1996]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1997.html">[Issues from AD 1997]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_1998.html">[Issues from AD 1998]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1999.html">[Issues from AD 1999]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2000.html">[Issues from AD 2000]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2001.html">[Issues from AD 2001]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2002.html">[Issues from AD 2002]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2003.html">[Issues from AD 2003]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2004.html">[Issues from AD 2004]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2005.html">[Issues from AD 2005]</A><BR> [Issues from AD 2006] <A HREF="pastx_2007.html">[Issues from AD 2007]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2008.html">[Issues from AD 2008]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2009.html">[Issues from AD 2009]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2010.html">[Issues from AD 2010]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2011.html">[Issues from AD 2011]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2012.html">[Issues from AD 2012]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2013.html">[Issues from AD 2013]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2014.html">[Issues from AD 2014]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2015.html">[Issues from AD 2015]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2016.html">[Issues from AD 2016]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2017.html">[Issues from AD 2017]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2018.html">[Issues from AD 2018]</A> </TABLE> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>