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(2/21) <LI>"Siegfried" (2/20) <LI>Poker Players Challenge the Empire (2/11) <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI><I> "Quadrature du cercle" (2/06), Capricious History (1/29), Is Success the Ultimate Motivator? (1/23) China as a New Superpower (1/22), Wolverine Will Spread Freedom and Security (1/22), Search for WMD in Iraq ended (1/12), Death Squads in Iraq? (1/10)</I> <LI>How to Bury Democracy Democratically (1/31) <LI>"First You give Us Peace, Then We'll Give You Negotiations" (1/10) <LI>Forming God (1/08) <LI>They Like Us (1/01) <LI>Communication Page<I> -- War Against Terror ..., Reflections on the War in Iraq ..., "Mise au point" ..., Thalande -- Lettre d'aprs le dsastre ..., How Many Jews ..., Give the Spaniards the Justice You Gave the Serbs ..., Family Poem ..., Poland's Pre-WWII Activities Helped to Sow the Seeds of Defeat of Nazi Germany in the Global War ... </I></LI></UL> <B>Issue No. 86 </B><A HREF="march05/march05.html"><B>March-April 2005</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI><I> Benedict XVI (4/20), Prophecy Fulfilled? (3/17), Rumsfeld -- Grow Up! (3/12), Kurd-Shiite Rapprochement in Iraq (3/10), What I would say to the Lebanese people if I were Assad (3/06)</I> <LI>The Catholic Church on the Turbulent Waves of History (4/12) <LI>The Poetry of Karol Wojtyla (4/04) <LI>We Probe the Universe, Which Doesn't Reveal Its Essence (3/29) <LI>Oligarchy, etc. (3/08) <LI>War -- Instead of War Against Terrorism (3/01) <LI>Quantity is not Quality (3/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I> Conservativism Seems to Advance ..., 3 Letters from Stan Tyminski: "New Deal" for Poland ..., Eulogy for Our Pope ..., Election of President for Poland ..., "How Many Jews ...", The Swallowing Sea ...</I></LI></UL> <B>Issue No. 87 </B><A HREF="may05/may05.html"><B>May-June 2005</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI> <I>Bush's Tuesday Speech (6/28), Soot Coloring Urtica and Our Lungs (5/26), A Liberating Earthquake for America -- Again? (5/24), And the Volunteers Line Up (5/12), The Top Spins (5/07)</I> <LI>The Mysterious Notion of 'Quality' (6/14) <LI>France's "No" to EU (5/30) <LI>How to Prevent the Looming Ethnic Conflicts? (5/04) <LI>We Don't Change Reality by Changing Names (5/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>Polar Yacht Vagabond ..., "Brain and Mind" ..., Jewish Armbands </I></LI></UL> <B>Issue No. 88 </B><A HREF="july05/july05.html"><B>July - August 2005</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI> <I>Right or Wrong, It Was a Pretext (8/22), Why I Didn't See "The Passion" (8/21), The Best Power is Evenly Distributed Power (8/20), They Persist in a Lost War to Save Face (8/18), Disinfecting the Universe (8/11),Northern Ireland and Bosnia (7/29), Rule Britannia (7/21), From WMD to Women's Rights (7/17), The 'World' Deserves Him (7/16), Two Champions: Mugabe and Bush (7/02)</I> <LI>Don't Despise Predictions (8/15) <LI>Is Another Hiroshima Possible? (8/07) <LI>Motormouth on John Simpson Talk Show (7/30) <LI>Reviving Lysistrata (7/29) <LI>Massacre in London (7/09) <LI>4 Portraits (7/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I>Flawed Story of the Yugoslav Conflict, Proposition, Mihailovic Medal on Internet, Same Sex Marriage</I></LI></UL> <B>Issue No. 89 </B><A HREF="september05/september05.html"><B>September - October 2005</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI> <I> Results of Polish Elections (10/24) Toward Alliance of Caliphate-NWO? (10/17), US--Israel--Syria--Iran (10/07) Who Fights for Victory Defeats the Peace (9/17) Antiwar.com: "US: 'Patience Running Out' With Syria" (9/13), "Pentagon Foresees Preemptive Nuclear Strikes" (9/13), Katrina, One More Enemy (9/02)</I> <LI>"Justice on the March" ... (10/20) <LI>For Which Humans, Human Rights? (9/29) <LI>Iraq To Be Consumed in Pieces (9/01) <LI>Communication Page -- <I> Alliance of Caliphate-NWO?, Gallbladder juice from Live Bears, Brain and Mind, Katrina, Massacre in London</I></LI></UL> <B>Issue No. 90 </B><A HREF="november05/november05.html"><B>November - December 2005</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Open Bouquet -- </LI> <I>Heros of Preventive Wars (11/18), White Phosphorus Used Against Fallujah (11/16), Shiite-NWO Justice for Saddam (11/09), Israel = Masada? (11/01), Why the Leak Charade Missed Me (11/01)</I> <LI>The World in the Grip of Resurrected "Savage Capitalism" (11/06) <LI>Communication Page -- </LI> <I>Wherever in the World We Find Ourselves, Bread and Butter, The Deal of the Century -- The Damned Herb, Media's Excuses</I> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER=1 CELLPADDING=10> <TR> <TD> <P> <A HREF="/">Back to main index of Vagabond</A></P></TD> <TD> <P> <A HREF="july18/july18.html">See current issue of Vagabond</A></P></TD></TR><BR><BR> <A HREF="pastx.html">[Issues from AD 1995]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1996.html">[Issues from AD 1996]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1997.html">[Issues from AD 1997]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_1998.html">[Issues from AD 1998]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1999.html">[Issues from AD 1999]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2000.html">[Issues from AD 2000]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2001.html">[Issues from AD 2001]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2002.html">[Issues from AD 2002]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2003.html">[Issues from AD 2003]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2004.html">[Issues from AD 2004]</A> [Issues from AD 2005]<BR> <A HREF="pastx_2006.html">[Issues from AD 2006]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2007.html">[Issues from AD 2007]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2008.html">[Issues from AD 2008]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2009.html">[Issues from AD 2009]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2010.html">[Issues from AD 2010]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2011.html">[Issues from AD 2011]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2012.html">[Issues from AD 2012]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2013.html">[Issues from AD 2013]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2014.html">[Issues from AD 2014]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2015.html">[Issues from AD 2015]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2016.html">[Issues from AD 2016]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2017.html">[Issues from AD 2017]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2018.html">[Issues from AD 2018]</A> </TABLE> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>