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Determinism, Task Force, How Many Jews, Vagabond, Soutter's Art, Paint-L Art Show, Spring Poem</LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 35 </B><A HREF="june98/june98.html"><B>June 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Return to Muscle Politics</LI> <LI>June Tidbits (Military Neo-Puritanism, Domestic Violence, "Body Energy")</LI> <LI>Soul Cannibals (continued)</LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Vagabond, Poland, Golem, Abortion, Chinese-Muslim ...</LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 36 </B><A HREF="july98/july98.html"><B>July 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Women's Ordination -- and the Rest</LI> <LI>Soul Cannibals (continued)</LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Holocaust, "People are not Communities", Serbs, Poem "Song of Yarrow" ...</LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 37 </B><A HREF="august98/august98.html"><B>August 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Vagabond's Fourth Year</LI> <LI>Musing on: Existence, Life, Spirituality</LI> <LI>Soul Cannibals (continued)</LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Women's Ordination, Vagabond, Voice of a Pessimist, Poem ...</LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 38 </B><A HREF="september98/september98.html"><B>September 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>September's Glance (Canadian Court's Decision, Clinton's Choice, U.S. Bombing)</LI> <LI>Those Mysterious Freedoms</LI> <LI>Soul Cannibals (conclusion)</LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Balkan Conflict</LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 39 </B><A HREF="october98/october98.html"><B>October 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>October's Glance (Bosnian Serbs Warned, Obsolete Protection, IQ and Leadership)<BR> </LI> <LI>The US Brand Ayatollah's Offensive on Clinton<BR> </LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Protest to Psychiatrists, Serbs, Barzani, Quebec ...<BR> </LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 40 </B><A HREF="november98/november98.html"><B>November 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>November's Written Portraits<BR> </LI> <LI>Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (3)</LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Living Internet, Threat to Stray Cats, Protest to Psychiatrists, Serbs ...<BR> </LI> </UL> <P><B>Issue No. 41 </B><A HREF="december98/december98.html"><B>December 1998</B></A><BR> </P> <UL compact type=square> <LI>Jews in Hitler's Army<BR> </LI> <LI>Can the Weak Nations Survive within the NWO?</LI> <LI>Earth Slides for Central Americans</LI> <LI>Communication Page - Letters from Readers -- Elections in Quebec, Threat to Stray Cats, Serbs and Jews, Vagabond ...<BR> </LI> </UL> <P> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> </P> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER=1 CELLPADDING=10> <TR> <TD> <P> <A HREF="/">Back to main index of Vagabond</A></P> </TD> <TD><P> <A HREF="july18/july18.html">See current issue of Vagabond</A></P> </TD> </TR> <BR><BR> <A HREF="pastx.html">[Issues from AD 1995]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1996.html">[Issues from AD 1996]</A> <A HREF="pastx_1997.html">[Issues from AD 1997]</A><BR> [Issues from AD 1998] <A HREF="pastx_1999.html">[Issues from AD 1999]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2000.html">[Issues from AD 2000]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2001.html">[Issues from AD 2001]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2002.html">[Issues from AD 2002]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2003.html">[Issues from AD 2003]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2004.html">[Issues from AD 2004]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2005.html">[Issues from AD 2005]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2006.html">[Issues from AD 2006]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2007.html">[Issues from AD 2007]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2008.html">[Issues from AD 2008]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2009.html">[Issues from AD 2009]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2010.html">[Issues from AD 2010]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2011.html">[Issues from AD 2011]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2012.html">[Issues from AD 2012]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2013.html">[Issues from AD 2013]</A><BR> <A HREF="pastx_2014.html">[Issues from AD 2014]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2015.html">[Issues from AD 2015]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2016.html">[Issues from AD 2016]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2017.html">[Issues from AD 2017]</A> <A HREF="pastx_2018.html">[Issues from AD 2018]</A> </TABLE> <HR SIZE=3 WIDTH="75%"> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>