By William Markiewicz


Top election official warns Bosnian Serbs not to celebrate

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) -- Bosnia's chief international election official warned 
extremists today to stop celebrating their self-declared electoral victory, suggesting 
unspecified penalties if they refused.

For the frustrated colonialists, Serbian soil represents Africa regained. They cannot disguise the fact that they are an occupying force when they warn Bosnian Serbs what to celebrate or not. The occupiers themselves triggered the election's outcome by sending to Plavsic an 'emissary of good will' -- Madeline Albright, the most hated person among the Serbs. To try to bribe the Serbs and insult their pride was the worst thing to do and the US must have known it. Isn't it possible that the US desired Poplasen's victory? Once the 'wrong' government is established, the NWO will find a pretext to tighten the screws to the breaking point.


There are 'right' and 'wrong' philosophies but reality transcends philosophies, and cannot be molded into a philosophical matrix no matter how seductive it may be. Philosophers classify or declassify, and powerful politicians, who serve their own philosophies, try to restructure individuals and societies. In politics, the NWO forces unification on people who either try to kill each other or to escape from each other.

Permanent protection has no place in politics; it can be applied only in the local level toward children, the aged, the handicapped... In all other cases the best protection is not to need protection. "Women's rights?" No democracy can ensure them for the simple reason that the law cannot cover everything and political correctness will never deter the spirit of competition. Recently I learned about a woman, fascinated with computers since childhood, who, after 10 years in a successful Silicon Valley career was obliged to quit the job because of the chicanery of her masculine colleagues. Presently she works as a midwife(!). Many similar examples can be found.

The current tendency to control everything and to impose 'unisex' in the army, scouting, workplace, in my opinion will not resist the test of time. There are so many organizations where people gather according to their whims or to what serves their interests -- why shouldn't professional women follow this example (as far as I know many are doing this already). Instead of competing with men who make life miserable for qualified women, those women should create their own companies and convert the competition among the sexes into the competition in the market. The client, indifferent to other criteria, will go where he gets better deal.


In New York's OATH, issue #61, I encountered a note about J.S.Mill's book, Representative Government. Mills defends the concept of "Intelligence and Weighted Voting," meaning that the judgement of the wiser and more knowledgeable should have a superior weight. That's precisely what I disagree with. I put aside the fact that superior power in the first place serves those who hold it. We should also keep in mind that people, whatever their IQ, generally overestimate their own capacity for judgement even if their reasons are diametrically opposed to each other. Those who know overestimate their knowledge while the ignorant ones ignore their ignorance. People who enjoy authority gradually detach themselves from reality into the realm of a much more beautiful world of theory. Either they challenge or they patronize. Power inebriates.

A few examples: the international pundits order people to 'learn how to live together,' whether in Bosnia or Africa, who cares if they have to die in the process of learning? The financial pundits praised Albania's giant progress in democracy and economy. That was literally a few days before Albania fell apart, hit by a financial scam. When Russia got rid of Communism and gave independence to the former Soviet republics, she was in the full chaos of rebirth and looked for the world's help. After all, the visionary Marshall Plan should have served as an example. But no, the world's pundits wanted to 'punish' Russia for Communism and watched, like Romans at the arena, the hunger and ongoing drama there. Consequently Russia developed its own specific cocktail of pseudo-capitalism and true gangsterism with dangerous consequences not only for Russia. Bags of potatoes would have helped Russia start on the right track, now billions of dollars cannot help because they are sinking into the swamp the Western pundits helped create. US politicians and the military, fighting the red herring of Communism, have contributed to creating gangs of drug barons in Latin America, and Hezbolla and Mujahadeen at the antipodes. Intuition and common sense build a better world than 'brilliant' theoreticians, because usually the smaller folk act locally and the global solution is always the sum of local solutions.

I am not totally against the concept of 'think-tank'; brilliant minds must finally serve for something but purely in an advisory position. From Antiquity to modern times, political, military, managerial authorities, often with average IQs, have known that brilliant individuals generally make better servants than leaders.

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