By William Markiewicz

The "Holy Inquisition" considered divorce a sin. The U.S. and NATO go even further and forbid separation of peoples who don't want to live together. "They will learn how to coexist" -- nowhere else would such a patronizing attitude be applied and accepted. The West treats the Bosnians like savages or animals which can be trained by Pavlovian reflex, by a stick and carrot. Like Dr. Frankenstein they stubbornly sculpt a hybrid monster on the flesh of living people, and the whole world watches sheepishly and accepts the spectacle in a servile manner. They can debate foggy theories just because it doesn't concern them. The NATO occupational forces in Bosnia want to submit the Bosnian Serbs to the Mujahadeen Izetbegovic. A united Bosnia means Muslim Bosnia and for the time being it bothers only Serbs and Croats, particularly Serbs who have no friends; nobody will give a hand to a drowning Serb. Nevertheless it should bother all the Balkan nations, the Orthodox ones in particular, because they may all feel threatened by the growing militant Muslim power. Constant pressure on the Bosnian Serbs may turn easily into military attack which would wipe them out of Bosnia. The Serbs would rather leave Bosnia than expose themselves to the Muslim oppression they knew for 500 years. All this will weaken all of Orthodoxy in the Balkans. Therefore the Orthodox nations should abandon their passivity and challenge NATO and the USA. Only then will NATO stop bashing the Serbs who will be able to stay in Bosnia where they have belonged since late antiquity, and the only human solution -- divorce -- will be finally applied. 

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