By William Markiewicz

In the allegorical Polish play, "The Wedding", by 19th century playwright and artist, Stanislaw Wyspianski, the hero, a peasant, receives a magic golden horn from a spirit which endows him with power to save Poland. The peasant loses the horn and the spirits, the wind, sing around him: "You oaf, you had the golden horn ... you oaf, you had a hat with feathers ... the hat is flowing in the wind, the wind is swirling in the forest... only the string remains with you..." This applies to what's going on now in Israel. The Jews are one of the oldest people in history, which doesn't mean the wisest. There is no other widely known tragedy like that of the Jewish people. The greatest tragedy is if one learns nothing from his own history, if "he loses his golden horn and is left with only a string."

Bar-Kochba was the Jewish hero who sent the Jews from the Holy Land to the Diaspora after a foolish, unnecessary revolt against the Romans which had not the slightest chance of success. The fact that the Israelis chose Netanyahu shows that they play on the side of war like those Jews who chose Bar-Kochba two thousand years ago.

Hitler gave the Jewish people an irreversible blow in the sense that they stopped being a "people." All over the world the Jews are communities, more or less religious, and in Israel they are part of an Israeli nation. There is a difference between nation and people -- 'nation' is a political entity while 'people' is a group with roots, traditions, specific culture ... It takes centuries to build a people. In prehitlerian Europe, the Jews had a vision, they belonged to the vanguard carrying proudly the torch of humanism and knowledge. Now the Jewish vision is reduced to competing with the Palestinians and defying the Syrians.

One small nation on a small territory cannot defy millions forever no matter how many nuclear bombs they have in reserve. The bully Netanyahu leans on the bully American Judaism which also lacks political maturity. Lets not forget that the American Jews, like any lobby group, are important only in pre-election times. The world has gradually passed from the pro-Israeli to the pro-Arab side. Studying a little bit of history we do realise that it is much easier to find enemies than friends especially when you actively search for them. The last thing the Jews need is to search for enemies. 

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