By William Markiewicz

The Russian maverick politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky made a little remarked and soon forgotten statement during his visit in the USA: "You'd better watch those Muslims and those Chinese."

There is a general tendency to pay more attention to who said it than what was said. Even a speaker with a bad reputation may say something important. Listening to everybody doesn't necessarily mean according absolution and "titres de noblesse" to the undeserving.

Islam, because of its "Jihad" and its fundamentalists is at present the only religion that kills. Abortion related killings are too random and isolated to compare to the Islamists' actions. The Irish and Bosnian conflicts transcend religion and become ethnic ones. The last religious killers before the Islamists were the Thugs -- Kali worshippers in India -- and this religion was finally forbidden by the British colonial rulers in the 19th century.

The Islamists are the most dangerous religious killers in history because it is impossible to protect oneself from killers who use themselves as the weapon and can strike anytime and anywhere.

Chinese national communism is a twin brother to German National Socialism. Totalitarianism, an improved economy, and inflated national pride -- it's all there. Nobody seems to care because business considerations crowd out everything else and business with China is very important. And contrary to Nazi Germany, China begins from the privileged position of a planetary power in the middle of a void. Thus brothers in blood are fated to become allies/satellites. And once China decides that it is ready to challenge the world, it seems to me only natural that Chinese nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists will join forces for tactical reasons as the Nazis and the Soviets did just before the Second World War. The world hasn't yet seen a war to match this one (we could make an analogy with the Nostradamus predictions). Whoever wins, the planet will never be the same. Science fiction? Perhaps, but it would be worthwhile to err on the side of caution and to "watch China"; to pressure its leaders to introduce democratic changes before the Frankenstein grows in power.

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