By William Markiewicz

I had a debate with a friend who holds the politically correct opinion that humans evolve toward universal harmony as can be seen in world metropolises. Only a few "primitives" like those in the Balkans don't understand this yet, and through persuasion, or force if necessary, everybody should be brought toward the ideal human condition of coexistence.

Since the most remote times leaders have tried to impose their ideals of perfection on societies at large and all they have achieved in the best of cases was truce not peace. Even the more or less harmonious coexistence in the world's big cities is a temporary status quo with no guarantee for the future. For example, the centuries' old harmonious coexistence in Lebanon between Christians and Muslims fell down like a house of cards at the first opportunity. In Yugoslavia, the high rate of mixed marriage didn't help to impede hatred and a split along ethnic and religious lines. I know cases of Polish - Ukrainian families in which the brothers consider themselves Ukrainian and the sisters Polish and vice versa and if there's no conflict inside their own homes, they are ready for it outside. Don't ask for a logical "why." They follow their own dreams which have their own logic.

Paradoxical as it sounds, ideas and reality have always been antagonistic. The Crusades, Jihad, Communism, Nazism, and now the NWO and its political correctness, try to impose their iron-strong "truths." They intend by force to enlighten humans about their true deep nature and what is best for them. What they refuse to see is that they try to force a door that is already wide open; human nature is transparent, without secrets. Yes, each human is more or less different, and they are attracted to each other according to what unites them. There is no such thing as "change" or "progress" in human nature. There will never be an alloy of differences as in metallurgy. Collective and individual necessities remain the same from tribal to sophisticated levels. What progresses is knowledge, mostly in technology. But the man on the donkey thousands of years ago and the present human going to the Moon remain essentially the same.

The human has a mind that allows him to "fanaticize;" to become fanatic according to his fantasy. But if we apply the same criteria to the mind as to the body, we can conclude that if the body hasn't changed throughout millenia, there is no reason to believe that the mind has either. Knowledge and ideas change. We can cultivate our ideas and sensibilities while remaining essentially the same. We can change our setting because we have potential which permits us to progress while remaining the same. An alpinist starting his climb at 2.000 meters climbs higher than the one who starts at 1.000 meters, their essence remaining the same. Humanism is as old as humanity; Darwinism handles matters older than humanity. They are at opposing poles and this is the only "coexistence" possible, a necessary conflict within each individual. Universe implies universal truth. Individuals and societies don't change. Bees, ants, wolves, humans all obey the same criteria: cooperation within, competition outwards. Of course everything is subject to fragmentation. Competition may be interior (among dominant individuals) and cooperation, exterior (partnership, symbiosis among different species). Nature, not the mind, is the matchmaker.

Hypocrisy -- the devil's weapon, and theories -- road to hell paved with good intentions, are humanity's worst enemies. Let's live and let live pragmatically, and everything will resolve by itself.

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