By William Markiewicz

The answer is: those who are less good at defending themselves, who can be dissected, analyzed for their 'qualities' or 'faults,' and accordingly 'tried.' Never in History was the stronger judged. This fact is not always evident because of the ruling hypocrisy; our phobias are like sex fantasies -- everybody has them and few admit it. I witnessed a debate between two youngsters, neo-nazi and liberal. The liberal asked: "but -- what's in it for you to be a nazi?" The answer was: "It's like a perpetual orgasm!" Go debate with somebody's orgasm... The neo-nazi accused the Jews of all the usual cliches while the liberal underlined all the merits of the Jews in their respective countries.

The Jews didn't arrive as conquerors (which is the best way to be 'accepted') but were invited by kings and princes. This may appear to be a good start. In antiquity and the middle ages the difference between a king and the ordinary mortals was that for the king his country was more estate than homeland. Inviting strangers was a political decision which didn't affect him personally; he kept his distance from them as much as from all his other subjects. Without being consulted nor even informed, those peasants, hunters, gatherers, had to learn how to share their country with total strangers almost like newcomers from another planet. History gives practically no precedent where such strangers, supported by a king, were welcomed with open hearts and hands by the general population.

The constant mingling of populations over the centuries never happened by agreement but always through violence and conquest. In order to be convinced, you have first to be defeated, this is the iron law of the Darwinian universe. Therefore the victorious Tartars and others were incomparably better accepted than the Jews and the Gypsies who needed to be protected, a situation that already provokes a hostile reflex.

The Jews didn't do any harm in the countries they settled in. On the contrary, the benefits outweighed anything that could have been negative. Still, nobody is forced to like anybody and had the Jews and the Gypsies come with weapons like everybody else, the question of like/dislike wouldn't even be on the agenda. If we believe a science fiction writer (I think it was Heinlein) who said that slavery is the fault of the slaves and if we believe that everybody is master of his destiny, then the Jews and the Gypsies started their diaspora on the left foot and slowly, very slowly, ended in the abyss.

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