By William Markiewicz

Chant is Always Magical

A rich overweight girl, perhaps from some Emirate, she was indolent, self-satisfied -- which papa would send such a daughter to an Arts & Letters Faculty University in Europe (Geneva)? Would she study anything? She sat in the University Library, looking nowhere, vaguely smiling to herself. After a moment I realized that she was quite involved in humming to herself, something oriental, probably some romance 'hit' of her country or region. It sounded insipid, not because of the song, but because of her. It was also haunting, magnetic, because she was so unaware, so naturally settled in her self-comfort that she had the innocence of a child and some natural creature simultaneously. I was immersed in a hypnotic-like trance of timelessness, and only the fear that she might stop at anytime inhibited me from sinking into the total comfort that emanated from her.


A young guy walking his dog every day in the park in front of my window. Why doesn't he work -- he doesn't need to or because of some health condition? Each day he engaged in animated conversation, about the dogs of course, with one or more old ladies, dog walkers like himself.. Time will pass, the old ladies will disappear to be replaced by other old ladies. He knows the course of the rest of his life.

More Narcissus than Adonis

A young Catholic priest accompanied a group of young girls in the park. It looked like an organized outing, probably in the frame of some educational religious institution. He wasn't flirtatious but his very posture signaled that he knew he was handsome and that was enough for him. What will happen to him when the charm of prime youth is over? How will he survive the loss of this static glory?

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