By William Markiewicz

The painting below is a large wall oil painting/mural in an Italian-style restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland. On the painting is written the artist's name, Bayram/94, and the owner told me that the artist is from Turkish Kurdistan. The work is flashy and decorative; a sexy mermaid lounges in a boat, a winged unicorn rises from turbulent waves in the center. All this speaks of cliché, suitable for decorating a public place. But at the left is a man sitting on a rock in a pose of abysmal despair and because of him, all becomes sublime and magical because, in my opinion, there is nothing more sublime than 'kitsch' to express a psychological truth. Rockwell, Bateman, magic realists, have put their talents at the service of the real world. Byram does the same through symbols. Defeated man dreaming of woman and glory - is this a topic to decorate a restaurant?! The Kurdish painter proves that it is, and that the world is full of enchanted treasures dispersed anonymously here and there like pearls waiting to be discovered.

Photo courtesy of La Pignata Restaurant in Geneva.

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