plus Aphorisms by William Markiewicz which are not included in the book "Extracts of Existence."

Mountains are uplifting not because you direct your gaze to the sky or to the heavens but to the earth.

What is the difference between animal and human? The animal represents the wisdom of its species. The human represents his individual limits.

Short history of the Universe: changing matter, immuable time and space.

I don't dig into myself. I erupt like the volcano.

We don't have a satisfying definition for art; in the past it was confounded with craft. Now, with philosophy.

Woman, if your beauty exceeds your power, you are bound to be a victim.

Old age kills before death does.

Give the real world its due -- it isn't less real than your imaginary one.

Everything is forced on you. You don't choose your planet, your parents. Coercion starts at your birth.

Each death is execution.

What am I -- spiritual or materialist? Both. And both in the wrong places.

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