Vagabond William Markiewicz Newsletter
November - December 2017 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

The Vagabond has paused in his earthly travels after almost twenty years on the web. No writer can replace William but until we find a new path for Vagabond, why not highlight interesting articles, readers' letters, a piece of art from the past in each new issue? Perhaps you, the reader, will suggest something. In his last article he pays tribute to other vagabonds on their way to the stars. Yours Truly, Nikole

In this issue:

Genesis: From Big Bang to Theology (12/17)
Hell in Shelters (11/30)
A leaf in November (11/16)
From Self Delusion toward Self Destruction? (11/03)
Communication Page --
"Hell in Shelters" (12/04)..., 1968, Intelligent Life and the Lunar Landing (11/03)..., President Trump and Past and Present Cognitive Dissonance (9/07)...,
Vagabond Ship Greetings 2017..., Another 'Pity & Horror'-- Cruelty to animals (8/01)

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