Nikole writes:In Vagabond's email this month was a contribution from Courtenay Barnett. He titled his essay, "1968, Intelligent Life and the Lunar Landing". He views our earthly tribulations and calamities from his position on the Moon. It is posted on the Communication Page. He says:

"Finally, after all these years, I have had to accept that not in my lifetime will there be a realisation of quietude in the human condition on Earth. Having enjoyed these several years here on the Moon, I am now planning my return to planet earth to face the unpleasant discords which constitute earthly existence."

William's essay, "From Self Delusion toward Self Destruction" looks at the whole picture -- while stationed earthside -- and comes to a similarly uneasy conclusion. He writes:

"We could all be celebrating the future with wonderful wine. Now we are prepared to drink vinegar and for a long time to come."


By William Markiewicz

It seems that the world is in tune with the “theory of synchronicity” as we witness everywhere a sharp simultaneous gallop to the Right. .....< >.....

... the world has suddenly forgotten centuries of Enlightenment and Renaissance which, after all, formed those celebrated western values. The Crusaders started this policy of force in the service of higher ideals. Colonial policy presented the world as white man’s burden to the tribes in Africa and wherever it was possible. Napoleon, emperor that he was, was a child of the French Revolution and his conquering banners carried the motto, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” to the definitely oppressive countries he invaded. Still, in spite of the high flown slogans of all those conquests, the Western World slowly rejected them, precisely in the name of the Enlightenment and Renaissance that reject changing other nations by force. The enlightened world foresaw the hypocrisy of all that blah blah blah and perceived invaders’ wish for profit and power.

Nobody even considered invading South Africa to change its apartheid policies because it was white and Western. We saw, after all, that economic and political pressures were largely enough. All the authoritarian regimes are vulnerable to this kind of pressure and sooner or later the cracks appear. But the very powerful stamp of post Nazism, neo Nazism, lurking constantly, have painted a political ideological picture of today’s leading powers. People have become either indifferent or drunk with slogans, like the father who declares pride in his son who died for Western values in Afghanistan or Iraq. Nobody is sent to die for Western values in Saudi Arabia, for instance, because their oil is already available. Presently the great lesson that oil is cheaper bought than conquered completely escapes the vision of the suddenly semi mentally retarded Western World.

We could all be celebrating the future with wonderful wine. Now we are prepared to drink vinegar and for a long time to come.

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