The Vagabond has paused in his earthly travels

By Nikole

The Vagabond is on another journey. This page has been alive on the web for fifteen years and will be maintained into the far distant future.

No writer can replace William but I once suggested that since Vagabond's archive is so immense, why not highlight an article, a letter from a reader, a piece of art from the past in each new issue. Looking back was not William's cup of tea; he wanted Vagabond to be always fresh.

He sometimes called me his 'alter ego in English.' I hope that gives me permission to go back now and find the gems. I will do the choosing; perhaps a reader will suggest something. There won't be hard and fast rules but the aim is to keep Vagabond running. It's too valuable to be set in stone just yet. You are invited to look at the January issue of Vagabond Pages. In the meantime, you might want to reread his last article in this issue. He pays tribute to other vagabonds on their way to the stars.
Yours Truly, Nikole

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