About Anthropology of Cultures

By William Markiewicz

This subject came to mind when I observed a Scandinavian who looked to me like an archetype. If southerners were country and city dwellers throughout their history, the Normands were mostly sailors and warriors. Other climates, other horizons, experiences, distances, dreams... Monotony of landscapes, steps balancing under their ships... the Darwinian universe gave them power and movement. Jung's terms, “Oceanic Feelings" and "Cosmic Feelings” were liked by the Nazis but despite rumors Jung was not a Nazi sympathizer, as Nietzsche, who spoke about "die Blonde Prachtvole Bestie", was not a racist. Ambiance and their lifestyle were, as for everybody, the natural source of their inspiration.

Another people and its "otherness" came to my mind, the Gypsies: perpetual movement, proximity and distance at the same time, tribal "anarchists," their misery and separation, their arrogance and disdain simultaneously ... They didn’t care about disdain from others and paid them with the same money. They left dirt for others to clean. Then, their wonderful, mostly musical inspiration. They were natural actors, perhaps unaware of it. I saw a young Gypsy with a pose like an immobile actor, as a spectacle for the whole universe for which he couldn't care less. Countless artists would pay a fortune to have him as a model. But he only expressed his moods.

They were inspired and rejected by those who encountered them. An author of a Science Fiction story, I don’t remember the name, saw the blinking stars at night as points of destination for the innumerable Gypsy caravans crossing infinity; symbols of a quest toward noneness, universal pathways.

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