Once Again - One Big Truth vs. Many Smaller Truths

By William Markiewicz

I write once again because Im not sure if Ive discussed it in Vagabond or not. Now I return to the topic because of a recent discussion I assisted at between believers and non-believers; believers believe in One Big Truth while non-believers believe in many smaller truths that may or may not be in agreement with each other. I remember also what I read in an old issue of Punch about a discussion between a grandchild and his grandfather in which the child explains the nature of Existentialism. According to the grandchild, Existentialism is the knowledge that, for instance, in the oceans, the great monsters eat the small monsters. We shouldn't pay attention, just keep on drinking whiskey. So my subject concerns humour but as in all humour we are never sure if its funny. Well see

The agnostics prove the importance of small truths: What is the goal of the bottle? Answer: Beer. What is the goal of beer? Answer: human throat. So the beer is a conjunctive tissue between bottle and throat but once it has been swallowed, no more conjunctive tissue. The relation between bottle and throat becomes as distant psychologically as the distance between galaxies separated by black energy.

This analogy between bottles, beer, galaxies and black energy does it teach us something? Maybe, maybe the light will shine in the meantime, in order not to totally lose our time, Garcon! A few more lagers!

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