To Please the Enemy,
Don't Jump Down with a Noose around Your Neck

By William Markiewicz

Karl Haudbourg is the Frenchman who established himself in Serbia as an ďAmbassador for the Serbs." In his writing he described his displeasure with the proposal for a Serbian gay parade. Karl, as a guest in Serbia, no matter how welcomed, shouldn't mix in internal matters. I see his role as explaining to the world the rights of Serbs, and to the Serbs their right and duty that it is not enough to be recognized as being right; you also have to be strong enough to impose your rights.

I remember long ago a conflict in a group of youths because a few of them were accused of stealing. The guys easily proved their innocence and the others dropped the accusation. The accused understood that dropping the accusation might not be enough as it just hid the disrespect. Therefore the formerly accused attacked the accusers physically. The battle lasted as long as it had to, and afterwards came real peace. Otherwise the scars might have remained.

As a guest you have not only the right but a duty to remind your host that in the Darwinian universe you must be strong. Otherwise you will always be the loser no matter how "good" or "bad" you are. You may have no choice except to be defeated and proud. Sometimes the best sometimes the worst wins -- but always the stronger.

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