Business Favors the Collective Market, Not Individuals

By William Markiewicz

I have been running Vagabond since 1995. Iíve received quite abundant correspondence; later people started to communicate through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Nevertheless they continued to read Vagabond's topics listed under current/past issues, by subject, (politics, social, philosophy, arts&letters...), etc. and, on their own pages and forums, they quoted copiously Markiewicz and Vagabond. Some Hosting services reported that during those years Vagabond surpassed one million visitors. I wasnít surprised; Vagabond didn't bring money, but wasn't particularly expensive, and sustained me morally in my literary and artistic drive. At one point, unexpectedly, something wrong happened with our Hosting service; the webs stats started to behave capriciously, up and down, mostly down, and when it finally went haywire we protested to the service. They corrected, and it started again countless times and I was patient. Now it looks like a no-return situation. After consulting experts, we heard the opinion that service has worsened because they may lack staff to keep an eye on this kind of service. The customers who need that service host their own sites and possess their own web stat system. In general, the clients of Hosting services are more concerned with other services than web stats but for us, it is the stats that are important. As we are not a business and I treat Vagabond as a hobby, there is no other solution than to do without this kind of information and I may not be able to inform you about the number of visitors per day and month. I will stick with my Hosting service for other services than the Web Stats. Still, I must have certitude that somebody reads, otherwise I cannot continue. I'm not writing my "memoirs." Neither can I communicate with readers through social networking which has other goals, mostly social life.

Perhaps the old formula is still valid: write to Vagabond directly.

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