By William Markiewicz

We may or may not have an official answer. We may have certain clues which donít lead to a final conclusion. One scenario: a lady who was a weapons collector. A son with the reputation of a loner, apparently with some symptoms of autism. It was the son who killed his mother before going on a rampage at the school and killing children. You donít have to be very perceptive to assume that the relationship between mother and son had not been the best. We can only assume that the lady, weapons collector, could have been rather tough in the relationship with the reserved and reclusive son, possibly autistic. Who knows what happened before the drama. But the son may have felt rejected, erupted with hatred to his mother, killed her and then, as posthumous revenge he went on a killing spree against the children that his mother apparently loved. There can be many reasons but we canít speculate without further proofs. Everybody can speculate.

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