One More Mystical Vision

By William Markiewicz

The American neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, in his Newsweek article, “Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience with the Afterlife”, claims that in light of his scientific authority his ‘trip’ was authentic. Regardless of his scientific authority I think he has no data showing that he transcended his human limits; the human brain is so extraordinary that it is impossible to understand and transcend its limits. It would be like transcending reality. Hindu tradition says that all is illusion; what is "all" and what is "illusion"? We cannot separate slices of reality. The author describes "radiant darkness" as the abode of God which radiates "endless love." Love is the strongest bond in the Christian religion; the inquisitors sending heretics to torture and the stake claimed it was an "act of love," undoubtedly love for souls needing purification. Even the notion of love can be twisted in all directions. If God radiates Love like the Sun its rays, then why is the world basically Darwinian where the power of the stronger, marked by cruelty, exists? The author only underlines his Christian vocabulary without adding anything new. If Love is energy, how does God absorb and radiate energy? And why? If there is no answer to those questions, there is no support for the authenticity of his vision.

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