For Netanyahu, Settlements -- Not Peace -- Ensure Security
In the Eyes of the World, Perspective of Independent Palestine Fades

By William Markiewicz

Pro-Palestinian Islamic population--1.6 billion, EU—500 million, Russia—143 million, China—1.5 billion.
Pro-Israeli population: Israel—6 million, USA—300 million, Canada—34 million

As we see, the majority of the planet supports a Palestinian state. But the story has another aspect: the US is powerful enough to discourage any confrontations. Eisenhower defined the gist of US power: the military complex that holds American external and internal policy. It means that the leaders of the complex have incalculable fortunes. When you have more power than you can use, money becomes a collector's item; you accumulate for the sake of accumulation and/or domination. You can buy the proverbial "star in the sky". And therefore, Israel, supported by such an ally, can afford to disagree with the rest of the world. Another more prosaic reason that confrontation isn’t likely is that the majority do not want to take risks for somebody else even if they sympathise. Iran is an exception because it is rich, with a powerful army and nuclear ambitions; enough reasons to risk an anti-American stand. Also the Ayatollahs have a religious grain that makes it a potentially Jihadist state. Iran is perhaps the most violently anti-Israel, perhaps ready to fight. On the other hand the holders of a lukewarm anti-Israel policy may feel humiliated by America’s disregard and their bitterness may bear unexpected fruits. In their own best interests, it's better for Israel and the USA to join the majority and recognize independent Palestine. The interests of the whole country should be more important for Israel than a few conquered settlements.

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