When Mentality Changes Reality

By William Markiewicz

Recently, the Sheikh of Qatar visited Gaza and promised $400 million to help improve the miserable situation of the local population. During the Civil War in Spain, the Franqists offered relief to resisting and hungry Barcelona, dropping bread from planes which gave the Franqists entrance to the gates of Barcelona. Why the Sheik of Qatar? Why not Israel? Israelís attitude to the Gazans has always been less than helpful and Gaza has a reputation as one of the most miserable places in the world. In circumstances which I donít know, Hamas took power in Gaza while Fatah took the West Bank. We know that while the West Bank is not aggressive towards Israel, Hamas professes a totally different philosophy: they donít accept partition between Israel and Palestine but they want all of Palestine including Israel. While the population of the West Bank pursues a pragmatic peace situation, mostly because of a more stable economy, Hamas is not interested in the economic situation of the population in Gaza. They want to keep them at the boiling point of hatred. Therefore they provoke Israel. This sudden aggressivity against Israel may cancel the benefits of generous help from Qatar, and Gaza will remain miserable and hateful. In sum, we see two major enemies opposing each other: Hamas which doesnít want the existence of Israel and Netanyahu who doesnít want the existence of Arab Palestine. If Hamas never hid its intentions, Netanyahu is slower and more discreet. In Gaza, Israel did practically nothing to eliminate misery Ė and Israel could have done so one way or another. In the West Bank, filled with Israeli settlements, highways shred the territory, interfering with agriculture and the economy. The Palestinians and the West Bank can still survive and not even in a worse way but generations grow without a real future. The structure of the state remains closed to administration, growth, etc. The only way the situation can improve without tragedies would be if powers in the world could convince the two super enemies, Hamas and Likud, that two nations and two states are here to coexist.

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