Invasion or Peace?

By William Markiewicz

The only way for Israel to avoid invasion of Gaza is – withdrawal from the West Bank.

The West Bank is absolutely non aggressive. It desires only that Israel withdraw from the annexed territories. Israel signed to this in the Peace Agreement and in consequence Rabin died, murdered by those who didn't want peace. When Israel finally sticks to the agreement Hamas will lose the support of belligerent Arabs and the rest of the world. Only the U.S. doesn’t pressure Israel to respect this treaty. How long will Obama and the U.S. support Israel’s eternal war with “eternal Islam”, especially now, after the U.S. elections are over? What is the end of the story for Israel? Negotiations must be based on mutual concessions. Concession from Israel will be to stop annexing Western territories, make possible formation of Palestine government and the war will be, de facto, over. Only after making peace with the central Palestinian government by respecting the agreement will Israel have full justification to attack the separatist Palestinian aggressive territory of Gaza.

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