By William Markiewicz

I like Obama because Obamaís mentality makes me think of a return to old Athenian Democracy. What I didnít like in Romney is that he wanted to rule the world and I donít like those Supermen who know better about everything and usually end in drama. We know also that ancient pristine democracy didnít last forever. Athenians and Spartans destroyed each other. So, democracy showed that it has within it the seeds of its own destruction. Maybe this is human nature. Old Marx told us that history goes in cycles. Romneyís cockiness reminds me of Bush who wanted to rule Iraq and Afghanistan, and how it finished. Obamaís victory is on tormented ground. How can America take two totally opposite tendencies; how will they rule together? We can only wait and see because the philosophy of authoritarians is very unprepared for collaboration. Remember History from the American Revolution to todayís Syria.

Our best wishes to you, America.

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