For the cosmos all is in motion and stays the same in its indifference. Cosmos, alive in its death.


By William Markiewicz

The "Uzi," which revolutionized the concept of gun, was invented in Israel by a youth who had no idea of gun making. De Gaulle put limping France back on its feet without any sophisticated theories about finances and economy, just by cutting zeros from the franc. So, lets be simple from the start and we may discover that theories and formulas may either hide the problem or be sources of enlightenment.

What can be "simplest at the start?" Just to admit that we don't know the principal of the world we live in and use. What are various matters, energies? We know about infinite matter in infinite tri-dimensional space. As we go toward the infinite small, at a certain point it becomes impossible to reduce further. Keeping the proportions, the macroscopic and microscopic universes are practically identical, whether they are planetary systems or atoms. The distances between electrons and the nucleus are equivalent to the distances between the planets and the sun. It's mind boggling, because matter composed of molecules, composed of atoms, should be basically empty due to its enclosed empty spaces. Then why do we break our bones falling on the ground which shouldn't be hard at all? Atoms are composed of particles, and what is smaller than particles? We start to become philosophical, because what may be infinitely smaller is beyond our range of understanding. So, our "ordinary" world is, toward its infinite small direction, a mystery.

In more exotic fields our ignorance is even bigger; we know nothing about dark matter, dark energy… We tackle the origins of the universe; only the "theory of everything" seems to lead somewhere. Still the blunt proposal, "lets turn to the simple", may lead somewhere simply by changing the direction of the research. Toward what? Toward other unknowns -- life, intelligence, feelings ... Life is built from not-living elements. How life starts is beyond our grasp. And how can the universal phenomena of mighty matters/energies be "mixed" with what occurs on a much smaller scale? The universe in its indifference doesn't measure, it just exists. The Polish poet Boleslaw Lesmian wrote surrealist lines about God and the oak embracing each other. Everything unites in existing.

The early folk traditions link everything, explaining nothing, Cataclysms are the anger of gods, emotions, human or divine, reign. Disciplines precede intellect, symbols precede understanding, arts and letters dominate above science. Then came the dominance of science. Presently, with quanta, science and philosophy interact because the first existential particle which would explain existence will never make its appearance. Alchemy, intuition, will never be conquered by science, but the reverse may happen precisely with the help of those mysterious dark matters and energies(?). We'll never know the essence of matters, energies, but with upcoming science we may get closer to them.

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