By William Markiewicz

I never understood arguments for or against union; there are too many economic and financial considerations of which I am not expert. So, why would I write about it? -- Maybe to provoke some critiques. I like polemics and I willingly listen to those who can enlighten me.

The U.S. has a gathering of unions which are States; Canada has its federation of Provinces; Russia, its Federation. All this must imply diversity and cooperation simultaneously. At first glance, two opposing tendencies reign in the world: cooperation and competition. The extreme of competition is war. The extreme of cooperation would be Communism. In the U.S. there is a sort of global liberalism. Each state is simultaneously free and tied to some uniting principles. If it works with the States, why shouldn’t it work in Europe? In practice, there is little difference between left wing unification like Communism and right wing unification like dictatorships, Nazism … In both systems, right or left, sooner or later a concentration of power and corruption appears among dominating unscrupulous groups or individuals. Corruption destroyed Communism and in the right wing, it’s more or less the same but in different form; codification into superior class and race. In both, real power is held by a very few.

Globalization and freedom is well represented in the U.S., perhaps for historical reasons. Countries populated by immigrants couldn’t develop the local patriotisms which for well justified historical reasons dominates Europe. Therefore, in Europe, local patriotisms are to stay.

The Modus Vivendi of differences and of common interests will be more easily realised than trying to force things. We have seen the disastrous pre WW2 example of King Alexander in Yugoslavia. He wanted to remake all the various ethnic and religious groups into “Yugoslavs.” Respecting differences and favoring the common interest should be the supreme goal of the leaders in achieving a harmonious, functioning, prosperous European Union. Favoring one group over another, condemnation, discrimination, as the Nazis did against Jews and Roma should have no place in the European Union. “Democrats” who hold a negative attitude toward the Serbs put a dark spot on the face of the whole union.

The World Empire game, which the U.S. plays, is counterproductive also, as much for the U.S. as for Europe and the rest of the world. The U.S. has no interest in alliances and domination abroad. The wars in Central Asia consume billions of dollars which contribute to the global and individual miseries as much for European Union members as for the U.S. If certain costs bring nothing but prestige and military power at the expense of a great part of the economy, they should be reduced and if possible eliminated. Egoistic handling of economic power in one way or another reflects on the rest of the planet. I leave conclusions to the experts.

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