By William Markiewicz

I had a conversation with a friend, familiar with Vagabond, who told me that he read several of my arguments against Serbia’s entrance into the EU. “You were always, as I remember, against Serbian membership. Now you praise the idea of a United Europe. Isn’t there a contradiction somewhere?”

I was, and I am, against Serbian membership in the EU and I still favour the idea of EU because the world’s future is in unions. So, why not Serbia? The reason is that Serbia in the EU will be in very bad company. It is not the union that is wrong but who is in it. Serbia cannot benefit because of the attitude of other members, who, in a barbarian way, attacked Serbia and arrogantly continue their stance. The whole attack on Serbia was a hoax based on false assumptions. It was equivalent to a plot. All the accusations came from interested parties. Accusations have no valid basis when most of the testimony came from the press, which was not neutral; already a no no for the press. Some journalists were encouraged to provide anti Serbian material under the threat of being fired; others were uninformed, lazy, didn’t do their own research, and were just opportunists. Journalism is not a religion that descends from the sky. The journalist must be documented which was not the case. (Remember the despicable ‘advocacy journalism’). They just followed the trend created by their superiors. They took advantage of a very profitable situation for them. None of the reporters risked their lives or put themselves in any danger. They interviewed in hotels and cafeterias, witnesses whose credentials were never put in doubt. Any enemy of the Serbs could say whatever they wanted and it was reported as bona fide without checking. The public was conditioned into anti-Serbian hysteria and now, political circles offer conditional participation in the EU. Can you imagine how all Serbian society, political or not, will be treated by the rest of this “European Community.”? The Serbs will end by believing their enemies’ accusations. Previously, the Serbs enjoyed their reputation of “proud mountain Eagle.” (Vagabond September 1995)

The euphoria of victory over Nazism is long over; new alliances are forming. The advantage for Serbia turned into disadvantage. Alliances are switched and Serbia, from victor has become the defeated. Nobody could come out of this situation without scars. Remember the Jews? The former valiant Biblical nation turned into eternal victims who, throughout centuries, became afraid to show their face. When people fall into a position where they must hide their identity, believe their enemies’ doubtful claims against them about crimes they didn’t commit, they will never change. Their own ancestors would not recognize themselves in them. How could Serbia become part of the EU. To retrieve its ancient pride, Serbia would have to put conditions that will never be satisfied. Serbia has no choice but to require apologies for slander. As that will never happen, it’s better to refuse participation in the EU. This is the only solution there is to save itself from a gloomy future.

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