By William Markiewicz

Certain sports and other games admit small changes and thus they exchange some characteristics. Sometimes the differences predominate, meaning that they may become more difficult to situate. Nature doesnít escape this intermingling and thus we have created such diverse breeds of dogs that only experts can decode their common origins.

The same may happen in all expressions of life, in thought and action. Politics doesnít escape, religion doesnít escape, nothing escapes. All events, all their characteristics, illustrate the Darwinian universe. The difference of power is moving the world in aspects from ideologies to facts.

From politics, letís take a relatively recent example, sufficiently close to many of us. The Soviets, Poland, Yugoslavia and Greece participated in the common battle against Nazism while the rest of continental Europe remained relatively quiet. Therefore after the war many discreet sympathisers of Nazism may have survived. After the war, Russia, though it fought on the same side as Poland, nevertheless, being more powerful, annexed the Polish eastern territory. Poland, belonging to the victorious side, annexed the territories which are now Western Poland. Sixty years later, the political situation changed drastically as regards western democracy and the ex-Nazi countries. Take away from Nazism the Fuehrer and the official racism and not too much remains. Therefore little memory and rancor against Nazism remain in the West. Germany now is an important partner to the Western alliance, and Poland, which belonged to the victors 60 years ago, finds itself a weak member between two giants, Russia and Germany. The former eastern part of Poland became independent Ukraine courted by West and East, and probably no one in Poland dreams of retrieval. The Polish western frontier became more problematic, shakier, because Germany dominates. German pressure on western Poland may or may not be very obvious but will probably never completely disappear. In the Balkans, all the nations that took the German side in the war have become reciprocally buddy-buddy with the West for political reasons and many havenít forgotten that Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia took the alliesí side. So, from the winner, Serbia became a loser 60 years later. Nobody looks at who is right or wrong and it has always been so. Poland lost its eastern territories while its west remains shaky, and Serbia lost Kosovo. Therefore the former winners and present losers like the Serbs and weaker winners like Poland are more anxious about the future than other nations of Europe. Maybe this is a reason why compromise-seeking politicians play such a role in those hesitant societies. Why did Poland take part in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, having no interest there? --Only to please the Western leaders of the world. Why did all those eastern European countries accept to cede territories so that the CIA could send prisoners for interrogation and torture there? -- For the same reason. Why are the submissive among the Serbs ready to do anything to enter into the European Union, the same Union that despised them, insults them and degrades them? They humble themselves, those lost partners in the universal games of the Darwinian world.

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