By William Markiewicz

When Jewish questions arise, I am sometimes asked, "Are you a Jew?" I may answer "yes", "no", or, like Gregory Peck, "yes or no." All this because I am simply not interested in the subject. But, if, subjectively, I am not interested, objectively, for a writer, all questions may be interesting. We cannot bypass the subject which triggered extermination of millions of innocents. So, I will try to enter the debate.

We talk about Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ETA, IRA, Mafia, in those terms rather than about Arabs, Pashtun, Basque, Irish, Italian, etc. This is not only to avoid an incriminatory ethnic campaign, but because the former terms contain information about the matter. In the Warsaw Ghetto, the surviving leaders of various Jewish prewar parties in Poland Zionist, non-Zionist, religious, secular, left or right wing - gathered when it was possible to organize the revolt. Their achievement proves again that for action, organizations are more important than the origin of the organizers. Only about non-humans can we speak in terms of species: plague of wolves, invasion of termites, of ants, etc. because that's all we know about them. Humans need more specificication; what organization, which leaders, what goals, which tactics ... so, when we speak about the Jews, we cannot avoid speaking about them in the same terms because "Jews" alone is a politically empty term; what Jews? Which organizations to realise their goals, and which goals? Which leaders? And which philosophy? The Tzarist police who were aware of this emptiness invented the term "Elders of Zion" to label the Jews as aiming for 'world domination' (another empty word).

Prominent Jews like Freud and Einstein didn't need conspiracy. They were individuals above all, whatever their ethnicity. In my conclusion, the Jews were mostly individualists, like the grains of sand that remain separate even if squeezed into containers. The Jews were successful in business, science, professions, without any supportive organizations. In the USA, the Jews, an insignificant number as percent of the population, apparently form over 50 per cent of university professors. In many other branches they mostly defend their own interests, not group interests, belong like many others to various parties with no Jewish focus. Apparently in Toronto, many Jews are dentists. So what?

Anti-Semitism arises from Jewish weakness. We live in a Darwinian Universe where those who don't defend themselves pay the consequences. The Jews have many Jewish parties mostly fighting each other. Facing the rest of the world they are remarkably vulnerable because not organized for this sector. Many jokes are told about Jewish passivity facing their exterminators. At the Eichmann trial, the question was posed: How could you, with a small number of armed forces, direct such a Jewish mass? The answer was: They directed themselves.

Israel presently is an exception because they form a state prepared mostly for a fight and where they can be stronger. The roles are reversed. We'll handle this topic in a separate article.

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