By William Markiewicz

I saw an article entitled: “Differences between Rich and Poor Countries in Europe May Ruin European Union.” I didn’t get around to reading the article so I try to come to my own conclusions:

As, after WW2 when the winners and defeated were divided into strong and weak, prosperous and poor, why not apply the formula a la Marshall Plan today? Somehow, The U.S. was not afraid to be generous and helped those who needed it to get on their feet. The generosity paid off, resulting in a brighter future. Why don’t the richer Europeans do the same for their poorer cousins?

I got an answer from somebody who is closer to the situation of those days and places than I. America was not the poor helping the poor, America was rich, while in Europe everyone now struggles, even the richer ones. After the war, America experienced a renaissance. So, paradoxically, the end of the war found America richer than before the war. The result was mainly caused by euphoria. People were willing to start a new life. War veterans went to university; women had become major participants in the work world while the men were on the front. The birthrate zoomed and demand for house construction and workers boomed. So, America could afford to be generous to the rest of the world.

From this picture we see that America didn’t get richer by expecting some miraculous manna from the sky, but started its prosperity on its own. Salvation came from psychology. So, it wasn’t new financial economic ideas that saved America, but the interior psychological climate. Motivation through religion, ideology, have triggered history more than discovery of the Golden Fleece. The richer European countries, ready to offer a “Marshall Plan” to the rest of limping Europe without trying to dominate, could offer this superiority as the "commonwealth" like America did. No dry theories will spark peoples’ enthusiasm. Religions, ideology, inflamed the masses, not always for good, but always for “sacred fire.” It’s sufficient if some dynamic leader and orator in Europe could convince people to build together like one big fortress, the whole European Union until the difference between poor and rich diminishes. Local patriotisms will of course remain, while mega patriotism embracing the whole Union will remain also. Local hostilities, patronizing attitudes, malicious gossip turning one nationality against others, must be fought.

The only way for world peace is for everybody to be prosperous and powerful and that’s why Europe must be united while respecting particularities of the nations.

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