By William Markiewicz

The weak protest, the strong give orders. If we look at statements by philosophers, politicians and professionals, we see that their opinions are more an expression of their power than objective judgment of the facts. In certain rare cases somebody who may be powerful yet small may cover their fears with uncompromising statements. This is Israel’s case which, fearing nuclear power, wants to attack Iran – why not Pakistan which may be more dangerous even if less verbal?

Those most powerful burst with inflammatory speeches. The fate of Iraq was settled long before it was invaded. Iran seems to be in the same situation. The most powerful judge situations through the prism of their power. The more powerful they are, the more they can defy the whole world including those on their own side who may disagree. Concerning Bush, his aggressive rhetoric slows only when the adversary’s power is unquestioned. He seems to feel more threatened by the potential danger of weaker ‘adversaries’ than by obvious and long existing dangers like nuclear Russia, China, Pakistan … The superpower decides in advance who has the right to belong to the nuclear club, so, each sprouting candidate seems to bring with him more apocalyptic danger for world peace than those potentially more dangerous but less expressive.

The most powerful play war games with a potential new adversary like kids play video games. The spoiled and blase members of the mostly Western World join the Super Powerful, with their illusions of missionary intentions: “We do this for their own good.”

My question is: Does humanity still have to grow? Were the Renaissance and Enlightenment not enough? Dark experiences with other promises of false paradises were not strong enough? Or maybe humanity is incorrigible and cannot control its Darwinian tendencies to believe that ‘the stronger is always right.’? If so, then after Bush will come other Bushes. As in the past, the dangerous powerful succeed each other and humanity will need a miracle to change toward more rational outcomes.

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