By William Markiewicz

In old times, which seemed peaceful compared to the present, we heard mostly about the terrorists in Northern Ireland, Basque separatists, and the Palestinians. The Palestinians were not touched by religion to the present extent, being the most secular among the Arabs. Terrorist activities diminished greatly during the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations until the murder of Rabin by an Israeli extremist dramatically resurrected them. The explosive situation that culminated with Bush and Sharon was probably the true igniter for 9/11. Al Qaedaís or Osama bin Ladinís participation has never been proved. It could all have been a Palestinian initiative.

National sentiments didnít develop in the same ways in the Muslim countries as they did in the West because in the West the spirit of separation between state and church took root quite early and powerfully. Al Qaeda and Taliban were not friends because they didnít belong to the same sect and both fought Saddam Hussein who was unpardonably secular. Saddam Hussein, who understood the ambiance in the region, held the Sunni and Shiite factions with an iron fist. Iraq was practically the most secular country in the region. The American raid on Iraq and Afghanistan changed all of this dramatically. The rather minor Al Qaeda and the Taliban became powers that ruled in the East and unbalanced the West. The U.S., which created all of this, took on itself the role of leader fighting religious extremism. In reality, The U.S. created a situation in which entire populations are free to slaughter each other in the name of religion.

Without the US-Nato 'mission", Benazir Bhutto would not have been assassinated. Musharraf and Kharzai wouldnít have to fight against the terror which was rather insignificant up to now. The U.S. and its Nato drafted allies that could have led peaceful lives if not for the monumental blunders and greed of their Supreme Chief. Now the world is too confused to see how everything started through an excess of power and greed. So, we probably have no choice but to watch never ending fights for impossible victories.

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