By William Markiewicz

Russia will go down in history for spontaneously giving away, not a few acres of ground that it once grabbed, but entire states of continental dimensions. In this way it initiated peace before any war could even start, peace preceding war. What a performance!

Peace is a relatively modern notion. In ancient times wars were not ended by peace but by victory on one side and defeat on the other. Victory meant ‘conquer and keep the territories’ and defeat meant ‘accept it.’ Unbelievable that those archaic notions survive to today. Israel has the right to keep Golan only because it won the war, and by law of the stronger, feels it has the right to annex territories which it voluntarily signed and gave at the previous peace conference. If it returned the Golan Heights and the annexed Palestinian territories, there would be no need to make peace because there would not be war. But things went too far. Israel made an initial error by keeping Golan too long and by allowing the Israeli settlers to annex West Bank territories under the pretext of ‘security.’ The correct notion of security would be to not maintain your opponent’s humiliating status quo. Now the extremists in Israel are sufficiently strong to keep the loot, risking civil war in Israel. So, the problem is no longer between Israel and Palestinians but between Israelis and Israelis – a much worse alternative. But there is no other choice for peace unless the Arabs accept defeat forever. Highly unlikely. The solidarity and power of the Muslim block grows. The only alternative for Israel is to watch the dwindling American power. First, peace between Israelis and Arabs was the best solution. Now, Israel has to defeat, not Arabs, but its own fundamentalists.

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