By William Markiewicz

For politics you need politicians. For military operations you need the military. Sadly, Israel needs better quality in both areas. 2000 years of diaspora was a very bad school to develop them. Politics means negotiations. For Israel, as for Bush, politics means imposing your will. It lasts as long as it lasts. Military operations expressed by a show of muscle are like old style education: you beat good principles and your will into the dependent. In reality, in politics you have to know with whom you deal. You cannot constantly equate your adversary with the criminals. For criminals you have the police and the courts. Among your adversaries, it’s more complex. There are pragmatic adversaries and ideological adversaries. The Communists were pragmatic adversaries who didn’t fight for human rights but first of all for their rights. It was a fight for social justice, how it turned out is another story. Ideological adversaries are the Nazis who fight for the sake of the whole world. They want to cleanse the globe of “inferior” people. If we go back to the Palestinians, the equivalent of the “Nazis” are Hamas who want to eliminate Israel for ideological – religious reasons. The equivalent of “Communists” are Fatah who fight for their rights. They don’t seek to eliminate Israel; because of this disagreement Fatah and Hamas members kill each other. The Fatah only want Israel to fulfill its duties; after all, that’s why Israel signed the Oslo agreement and even won the Nobel Prize for it. By treating the whole Palestinian population as one and applying globally the old fashioned methods of punishing, Israel opens the gates for eternal war. The powerful have their duty and the weak have their duty. For the powerful the duty is: if you can’t annihilate your adversary you must end by accepting negotiation. For the weaker, the duty is, fight to victory or to death because if you don’t accept to fight you’ll die anyway.

For the sake of Israel and the Arabs and the whole world, Israel must show its power by accepting to negotiate with Fatah and ignore Hamas instead of continuing to punish the whole Palestinian nation. Once it agrees with Fatah and gives them what it owes them, Hamas will disappear like a dream.

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