By William Markiewicz

The main characteristic of the businessman is that he thinks in terms of immediate profit while the politician proceeds, in principle, with a vision of the future. The Industrial Revolution and its "capitalisme sauvage" contributed to the deterioration of the environment and social conditions around 200 years ago. The world seemed to have become aware of those past mistakes but then obviously forgot whatever it learned; Neo-savage capitalism triggered Bush's destructive colonial conquests. Shortsighted capitalism encouraged massive immigration of manpower to France and the rest of Western Europe to support the booming economy. France finds itself in a desperate dead end situation. Until now, France has gathered the fruits of its foreign policy of refusal to participate in the Anglosaxon "Storm" in central Asia and taking a pro-Palestinian stand. Now they can't afford to treat the rebellion of immigrants with a firm hand because the Muslim world will turn against France and they will lose the fruits of their foreign policy. Almost 1000 years ago, Poland experienced a similar situation with the revolt of German settlers who had immigrated to Poland in big numbers. Poland was a major immigration destination in those times but the Germans were the only ones to rebel. Poland's response to the rebellion was tough and normal for the Middle Ages but it would be abnormal in our times. How to absorb a population that remains alien socially, culturally and economically, and how to create jobs when there are no jobs? Can they create their own jobs as the Asians and Jews have done? It's a civil war France cannot win. Those immigrants and their descendants are at this point creating their own Bantustans where they will be virtually autonomous. Cantonized France, and not only France, seems to be in perspective now.

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